4 Glupa Glutathione Papaya Skin Whitening Soaps for MEN 100g ea


Dual Whitening Soap – Glutathione and Papaya , Cold Pressed Soap that effectively clean.


4 Glupa Glutathione + Papaya Skin Solutions for Men Face and Body Whitening Bar 100g each

Tiny White + Tea Tree Oil.

Why do men have to share skin care products with women when they can have their own?

Finally, they can now enjoy the skin perfecting power of Glutathione and exfoliating strength of Green Papaya in one breakthrough product, Glupa.  That’s one powerful combination, giving you the anti aging and skin whitening results like never before.  It takes two to have a healthy, young and even skin tone.

Has Tiny White Complex with Vitamins C and E for maximum whitening and moisturizing effect plus Tea Tree Oil for anti bacterial and oil control power.

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Weight 499 g