4 Glupa Glutathione Papaya Acne Buster Whitening Face Body Bars Soaps


Dual Whitening Soap – Glutathione and Papaya , Cold Pressed Soap that effectively clean.


4 Glupa Glutathione Papaya Skin Solutions Plus Face and Body Whitening Bar Soaps 100g each

Tiny white and acne buster.

Want to have white skin without acne and excess oil?

Finally, the breakthrough product, Glupa, with the two of the most proven effective skin whitener, Glutathione and Papaya, is now formulated with the international award winning Acne Buster from Japan!  Glupa Skin Solutions PLUS gives you the kind of white that you want with the added benefit of oil control and acne busting power, without drying your skin,

Has tiny white complex with Vitamins C and E and Acne busters, consists of 8 botanical actives developed according to the perfect treatment of acne and oily skin.

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Weight 499 g