3 Moringa O Malunggay Herbal Omega Lightening Toner from Gluta C 100ml each


Improves skin elasticity, suppleness, skin lightening.


3 Moringa O Malunggay Olive Oil Omega Herbal Facial Toner from Gluta C 100ml each Alcohol Free

For dry and sensitive skin

Dermatologist Tested.

Helps in :

*  Cleansing

*  Oil Control

*  Pore Minimizing

*  Anti Bacterial, anti acne

*  Moisturizing dry skin

*  Skin Lightening

Skin Multi Vitamin Anti Aging, Anti Oxidant

Natural oils, vitamins and minerals, rejuvenate, nourish and protect skin in a gentle process.  Moringa Omega ( Sunflower Oil) and Olives are nature’s super anti oxidant and anti aging secrets.


*  Gently cleanses residual dirt without drying.

*  May help reduce pimples

*  Stimulates cell regeneration and skin renewal

*  Deeply nourishes, moisturizes and smoothens dry skin.

*  Minimizes pores

*  Improves skin elasticity, suppleness

*  Skin lightening

Contains natural ingredients.  Color and clarity may vary.  Natural sediments may be visible at times.

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Weight 480 g