3 Cans Kankunis Herbal Natural Slimming 60 Tea Bags in All


Kankunis Herb Tea, Senna, Shiu Sen Tea, Malvae 20 tea bags per can


You will get 3 cans of Kankunis with a total of 60 tea bags

Kankunis Herb Tea, Senna, Shiu Sen Tea, Malvae 20 tea bags per can  Total of 60 Tea Bags
Kankunis Herb Tea contains the most effective ingredients of superior class teas: Senna, Shiu Sen Tea and Malvae – which helps lose weight in a healthy and natural way.

It has been proven to speed up metabolism and lowers cholesterol.
Senna (Cassia Augustiofolia), an Indian herb used as a laxative for many centuries Shiu Sen Tea of Fujan China, an energy booster formula which relieves fatigue and helps release energy during stress Malvae from Lotus or Pearl Leaves, as a neutralizer, which lubricates the intestines for proper absorption of the nutrients in the body.

Indication: Natural way to aid digestion, to lose unwanted fats. Recommended for constipation. A healthy beverage ideal for dieters.

Precaution: Kankunis Herb Tea should only be taken once a day, preferably at night. Excessive intake may cause electrolyte and fluid imbalance.

Direction: One Kankunis Herb Tea bag in a cup of hot water. Let it steep for 15 minutes.
Add honey or lemon to taste.
Do not boil directly in tea pot
For best result, one tea bag before bedtime.
Continuous administration will keep you fit and healthy.

Senna – 56%
Shi Sen Tea – 29%
Malvae – 15%

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Weight 499 g