Nivea Men Extra 10x Whitening Pore Minimiser Facial Foam Reduce Dark Spots


Reduces dark spots and brightens skin.

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Nivea Men Extra Whitening Pore Minimizer Facial Foam 10x Whitening Effect 100g

Reduces dark spots and brightens skin

For brighter, even looking skin with more refined pores.  It starts with you.

What do you get?

The effective formula is now even better with Whitinat Vita Complex Plus that contains 10 nutrients:

  1. Deeply cleanses and removes impurities for clearer skin
  2. Reduces excess oil and dirt
  3. Mattifies the skin
  4. Unclogs pores and prevents blackheads
  5. Helps to brighten and even out skin tone
  6. Revives dull and damaged skin
  7. Stimulates skin regeneration
  8. Helps refine and tightens pores
  9. Prevents skin from feeling dry and taut
  10. Gives smoother and healthier looking skin.

Use:  Lather up and massage over the wet face.  Rinse off with clean water.  Avoid direct eye contact.  Use in the morning and in the evening.  For best results, use Nivea Men Extra Whitening Pore Minimizer SPF 30 after cleansing.

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