MYRA E Smooth Glow Whitening Facial Moisturizer 40ml

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Myra Smooth Glow Whitening Facial Moisturizer has Beauty Vitamins®,, a powerful combination of vitamins that nourishes skin. It has LuminaComplex&trade,, derived from plant and vitamin extracts known for its potent whitening properties. It evens out skin tone while it hydrates skin for a dewy glow complexion. Get light feel, smooth glowing skin with Myra! >, The new and improved Smooth Glow Whitening Facial Moisturizer is now packed with more Beauty Vitamins (Vitamins E, C, B3, B5, B6) ,

,Light feel and non-greasy making it ideal for everyday use
,Hydrates skin for a moist glow complexion
Whitens skin in 7 days
Protects skin against sun damage

Gently apply on face and neck after cleansing.
Use morning and at night. Can be used under make-up.
For best results, use with Myra Whitening Smooth Glow Facial Wash.