Maxi Peel Micro Exfoliant Whitening Anti Acne Smoothening Set


Gently rids your skin of dead skin cells to reveal younger looking skin.

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1 Maxi Peel Micro-Exfoliant Anti Acne Smoothening Lightening Soap 125g

The #1 anti-acne and whitening brand brings you its newest complement that whitens, cleanses, and smoothens skin, – MAXI-PEEL EXFOLIANT SOAP! It is specifically-designed to complement your exfoliating skin.

Maximum Benefits:

· Mild exfoliation: Gently rids your skin of dead skin cells to reveal younger looking skin.

· Aids in PIMPLE-REMOVAL: helps dry up pimples and prevents it from coming back.

· INTENSE WHITENING: Evens out skin complexion.

· GERMICIDAL: Cleans and rids skin of germs.

Dermatologically proven safe and effective.

Attain that Kutis-Artista (Celebrity Skin) you havealways wanted with Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Whitening Soap.

Use regularly when bathing.


1 Maxi Peel Exfoliant Cream #3 Advanced Blemish Removal, Smoothening,  Whitening 20g 

Gentle Micro Exfoliation

  • Anti Acne
  • No Visible Peeling
  • Non-Reddening
  • Sunblock spf 15
  • Dermatologist Tested

Get that kutis artista (Celebrity Skin) you have always desired through Maxi Peel Exfoliant Cream!  Its gentle mircro exfoliation technology best provides you a blemish free, smoother and whiter skin.

Maxi Peel Exfoliant Cream #3 helps prevent and remove SEVERE cases of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.  It deeply penetrates pores to reduce breakouts and remove dead skin cells.

Maximum Benefits:

  • Micro-exfoliant:  Removes dead skin cells to reveal younger looking skin.
  • Effective anti acne:  Helps prevent and remove pimples and blemishes.
  • Significant Whitening:  Visible results in as early as 7 days.
  • No visible peeling:  Gently exfoliates skin without the noticeable peeling.
  • Non-Reddening:  Does not cause unwanted redness on face.
  • Sunblock SPF15:  Keeps your skin protected from sun exposure.
  • Vitamin Enriched:  Nourishes skin with vitamis B3, C and E
  • Matte Finish:  For a shine free instant make up base

1 Maxi Peel # 3  Hydroquinone Tretinoin Anti Acne Depitmenting Solution 30ml 

Maxi Peel #3 is used for the treatment and prevention of severe cases of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads by penetrating pores to reduce breakouts, eliminate acne causing bacteria and remove dead skin cells. It whitens dark spots, blemishes and other discoloration such as freckles and age spots to achieve younger looking skin.


Do not apply to wounded skin and avoid areas near eyes and mouth. Limit application of product to 10% only of body surface consisting of the face, neck and elbow.

Use once a day before bedtime.

Warning:  Prolonged use (beyond 2 months) of hydroquinone may cause hyperpigmentation known as ochronosis in treated areas of skin exposed to sunglight.  Not recommended for pregnant women and should not be used on children under 12 years of age.

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