Garnishee Bleach Collagen Soap 135g 10X Power Whitening Repair Skin Damage Face & Body Soap


Garnishee Bleach Collagen Soap

• Helps lighten your skin
• Repair skin damage
• Very light micro peeling
• Use every day for best result

1. Skin Pigmentation
2. Melasma
3. Freckles
4. Age spots
5. Acne / Pimples
6. Scars
7. Dark spots

How to use?
 Apply Garnishee bleach collagen soap unto your face and body
 Leave it for 2-4min or up to 30min if you desire
 Rinse well with water
 Possible you can see light micro peeling effect or dead skin presence
 Make sure to apply lotion with spf 30 and above for sun protection.

NOTE: If you didn’t see any micro peeling or dead skin after using the soap, it does mean that our soap is not effective. We advise that you use it every day for best result.