60 caps 500mg Life Oil Moringa Malunggay Food Supplement


Each soft gel capsule contains 500mg of combined oil extract from Malunggay leaves and seeds.


60 capsules Life Oil  Malunggay Food Supplement

Pure Power of Mother Nature


Each soft gel capsule contains 500mg of combined oil extract from Malunggay leaves and seeds.

Malunggay Life Oil is made with 100% Malunggay Oil extract which helps:

* Increase energy

* Strengthen the immune system

* Manage sugar levels

* Lower cholesterol levels

* Control blood pressure

* Have as much calcium as 4 glasses of milk, as much vitamic c as 7 oranges,

and as much potassium as 3 bananas per ounce of Malunggay.

* Rich in Behenic Acid, which helps promote good skin, prevents the

appearance of wrinkles and aids in body detoxification.

* Contains all of the essential amino acids and minerals found in meat

without the risk of elevating cholesterol levels due to the presence of alkaloids,

thereby lowering the risk of developing heart disease.

* Recommended as treatment for a host of illnesses, including sleep disorders,

arthritis, rheumatism, urinary tract infections and anemia.


One (1) to two (2) soft gel capsule/s daily or as recommended by the health practitioner.

Storage:  As a natural product, store at room temperature not exceeding 30 degrees C and keep away from sunlight.

Life Oil, the pure power of Mother Nature.  Manila Nature’s Link, a biotechnology company that offers nature-based

products to suit a wide range of health and nutritional concerns, has created a convenient and effective method of

distributing vitamins and minerals to the body with Maluggay Life Oil.

Research shows, time and time again, the vast hidden benefits within Malunggay; now that the natural potency

is unleashed within each soft gel capsule.  The oil from both Malunggay seed and leaf extracts creates a unique combination

of nutrients, which normally can only be obtained from separate food sources.  It is this synergistic combination that

makes Malunggay Life Oil the most potent, plant based nutritional food supplement in the market.

Note:  We need to open the box to make sure the capsules are intact.  By purchasing this product, you are agreeing with this term

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