6 UK Derm Erase Solution and Derm Erase Xfoliant Placenta Soap


For scars, wrinkles, pimples, freckles, stretch marks, dark elbows and knees.

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3 UK Derm Erase Solution 20ml

For scars, wrinkles, pimples, freckles, stretch marks, dark elbows and knees.

UK Derm Erase Solution provides peeling action and at the same time restores ageing skin’s ability to regenerate new tissues.

Ingredients:  Retinyl palmilate, ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, octylmetoxycinnamate, fragrance, CI 13015.

Directions:  Apply thinly on skin that needs improvement when needed.  Can be applied on face, neck, elbows, belly and feet.  Apply sun screen for extra protection upon exposure to sunlight.

Precautions:  Do not apply on wounded skin and avoid areas near the eyes and mouth.  Do not apply on thinner skin like armpits and underarm to prevent irritation.  If redness or swelling appear, discontinue use.  Do not use along with other exfoliating products.

Warning:  Not intended for pregnant women and children below 18 years old.

3 UK Derm Pharma Erase Xfoliant Placenta Soap 125g

Whitening, anti-ageing, moisturizing.

Erase Xfoliant Placenta Soap provides skin with whitening, anti-ageing and moisturizing effect with mild exfoliating beads to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells that cling on skin surfaces and embedded oils and sebum.  Massaging the skin with this soap containing mild exfoliant gives the skin a fresher and cleaner feeling.

The result will be a whiter, clearer, younger complexion and fresher feeling everytime you bath.

Ingredients:   Coconut oil, cocodiethanol amide, sodium coco ATE, sodium palmitate,
placenta extract, exfoliating beads, fragrance.


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