6 pcs Navarro’s Bleaching Soap Instant Permanent Whitening Soap SPF 20 135 grams each





6 pcs  Navarro’s Bleaching Instant Permanent White SPF 20 soaps 135g each 


For Face washing:  Wet the soap.  Run repeatedly into your hands to gather small amount of lather.  Using only the lather, apply light circular motion to gently clean your entire face  and neck area.  Do not rub.  The fruit extract exfoliating action takes effect upon skin contact.  There is no need to use force.  Rinse well.  Pat the face and neck, dry with fresh, soft tissue or towel.

For body washing:  Rinse the bar soap all over the body.  Lather well at least three minutes.  Rinse well.  Pat the body dry with fresh, soft towel.

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Weight 999 g