4 Medicated Astringent Toner 4 Bleaching Whitening Cream


Bring out younger smoother and pinkish glow on the skin.


8 pcs Set

4 pieces MEDICATED ASTRINGENT 4 pieces Bleaching Cream

(based on Al Kligman’s Formula)


4 pieces Medicated Astringent and 4 pieces Bleaching Cream

4 X 60ml = 240 ml TOTAL Medicated Astringent

4 X 10 grams = 40 grams Bleaching Cream
MEDICATED ASTRINGENT It has a Vitamin A that helps exfoliate Dead Skin. A Very Good Skin Toner in Eradicating Traces of Pimples / acne and other Blemishes, Dark Spots. Minimizes and Reduces Skin Pores . Bring out younger smoother and pinkish glow on the skin.

Directions: After washing face in the evening, apply toner with a cotton ball on face.Always use a good Sunblock in the morning.

BLEACHING CREAM 4 in 1 Benefits
Fastest and effective lightening of the Facial Skin Tone. Get OBAGI like RESULTS at a FRACTION of the PriceThis is also based on Dr. Al Kligman’s effective formula

Ingredients / 4 in 1 Benefits:

Arbutin – whitening agent Lactic Acid – moisturizing agentVigna Acontifolia Seed Extract – anti-wrinkle Ethylhexyl Melthoxycinnamte – sunscreen agent
Bleaching Cream Directions: Apply on the face during BEDTIME
USE OF SUNBLOCK is required during sun exposure

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