3 Natural Pearl Glutathione & Collagen Essence Whitening Lotions 500ml each


Whitening and Moisturizing 24 hours

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3 Natural Pearl Glutathione and Collagen Essence Whitening and Moisturizing Lotion 500ml each

Suitable for face and body.

Anti black sunblock and wrinkle

Whitening and Moisturizing 24 hours

Refreshing but no stodgy tactility

The gentle formula suit every kind of skin for every season

*  Natural pearl glutathione and collagen essence.

*  Moistening marine plant essence deep, long moisturizes dry skin to relieve lack of water and scale off and help skin become soft and clear.

*  Olive Oil essence holds up water in the skin, resists oxidation, relieves skin pressure and activates skin cells to restore healthy gloss to the skin.


Directions:  Use in the morning and evening.  Clean and freshen the skin, evenly spread suitable amount over the body and neck and gently massage till it is absorbed.  (Massage gently onto body skin, for better results, apply two times in the morning and night.)

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