20 pcs Belo Glutathione Collagen Skin Whitening Capsules Halal


Skin Whitening Capsules  used by celebrities here in the Philippines.


Belo Nutraceuticals Glutathione + Collagen Dietary Supplement WHITENING CAPSULES

Skin Whitening Capsules  used by celebrities here in the Philippines.

10 capsules X 2 Boxes equals 20 capsules

Total Supplemental Facts:

Glutathione 250mg Alpha Lipoic Acid 50mg L-Hydroxyproline 50mg Sodium Ascorbate 25mg Coenzyme Q10 3mg Marine Collagen 3 mg Other ingredients: Magnesium Stearate

Directions: Take two capsules per day with or without meal Caution: Avoid use by pregnant and lactating women. Keep out of reach of children.

Belo Glutathione Plus Collagen Dietary Supplement

Beauty in a Bottle – From the trusted name in beauty comes a breakthrough product that revolutionizes the health and skin care industry.  Belo Nutraceuticals:  Glutathione + Collagen is a patented formulation that provides superior whitening and anti aging benefits.

The Belo Authority brings you beauty from within.  Belo Nutraceuticals:  Glutathione + Collagen has glutathione that effectively detoxifies as it boosts whitening.  It is infused with collagen and precursors that lift wrinkles from within.

Glutathione:  The supreme skin whitener. No other anti oxidant is as important to overall health as glutathione.  Known as the mother antioxidant, it is the regenerator of immune cells and the most valuable detoxifying agent in the body.  As a result, it is also clinically proven to whiten skin.

Collagen: An anti aging wonder.  It is the most dominant protein, occupying 30% in the body and 70% in the skin.  Known as the most important ingredient of dermis, it inhibits formation of wrinkles by keeping the skin supple.  Collagen in the dermis provides skin with strength, elasticity, and resilience.

The Belo Beautiful Results:  Finally, a supplement that goes well beyond just artificially making skin fair and young looking.  With Belo Nutraceuticals:  Glutathione + Collagen, you will notice visible whitening results in as little as 2 weeks.  It also proves to be far more superior in skin whitening than the leading whitening food supplement brand.  It keeps skin youthful with its superior moisturizing and hydrating benefit, minimizing fine lines while visually restoring the suppleness of younger, healthier looking skin.

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