SOLIHIYA 2 Square Foot Rattan Cane Webbing SOLIHIYA Rattan Weave


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Natural SOLIHIYA Weave Rattan Webbing

Rattan Cane Webbing – Open Weaving Pattern

This for 2 square foot  (sold per 2 sq foot)

Ex.  if you will order 2 pcs of weave sheet, you get 4 sq foot total

One of the most popular types of rattan weave is SOLIHIYA. It is thin strands of rattan woven into a sunburst pattern.

Made of real rattan

Cane Webbing

For Chairs, Tables, Ceiling, Cabinets, Wall Decors

For DIY crafts, baskets, and accesory making

Used to repair Old Furniture

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Weight 999 g