2 pieces Nature’s Miracle Kasoy Oil for Warts, Mole, Skin Tags Remover


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2 pieces Nature’s Miracle Warts Remover ‘Kasoy Oil’   10ml each Small Size Only

Nature’s Miracle Warts Remover ‘Kasoy Oil’ brought you the best natural and effective remedy for all your skin insecurities.

It has antibacterial properties and ability to treat fungal infections.

Kasoy Oil can burn and solve skin problems such as: Common Warts or Kulogo Moles Callus Dandruff An An Ringworm or Buni Warts or Skin Tags Plantar Warts and Any Types of Warts.

Will burn the warts, skin tags to dry it up

Results Not Guaranteed


Please follow instructions carefully. Do not over apply. May burn your skin if used wrongly.

We are not responsible for any untoward side effects

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