2 Erase Organics Whitening Serum removes Dead Skin Cells 7ml each


Helps in the removal of dead skin cells to prevent the development of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.


2 Erase Organics Whitening Serum Pure Beauty, Beyond Natural 7ml each

Erase Organics Whitening Serum is an exfoliant fluid that helps in the removal of dead skin cells to prevent the development of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.  It is formulated with organic exfoliant Iris Florentina root extract.

This is also fortified with skin vitamin Retinyl Palmitate that penetrates, cleanses, and exfoliates to reveal radiantly clear, smooth, fair skin from inside out.  Skin renewal exfoliant Lactic Acid (alpha hydroxy acid) is a safe exfoliator that removes the outer layer of dead skin cells to bring new skin to the surface.  It penetrates skin deeply lifting away dirt, oil and other skin impurities, thus preventing pores from clogging.  It also has Zinc sulfate as anti bacteria and seboregulator.

Directions:  Wash face with any Erase Organics soap.  After drying, apply either using the roller ball applicator or moisten a piece of cotton with sufficient amount of Erase Organics Whitening Serum.  Swipe gently and lightly on face in an upward motion.  Do not rub.  This can also be applied on neck, arms, legs, torso, belly and feet.  Avoid the skin near the eyes, nose and around the lips.  Not advisable for underarm and groin application.  Use once daily until skin condition improves.

If excessive peeling is observed, stop for a while and let the skin breath and heal.  You may continue using this product for maintenance.

This product contains alpha hydroxy acid that can peel off outer skin layer.  As a result, skin will be sensitive to sunlight.  While using this product,

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