SkinMate Whitening Shark Oil Glutathione Kojic Acid Set Toner Cream and Oil (3 pieces)


With vitamin B3 formula gradually lightens the color of the skin by preventing formation of black pigments exposed to sun.


You will get:

1 SkinMate Shark Oil 15ml

1 SkinMate Placenta Cream 16g

1 SkinMate Facial Toner 100ml

1 SkinMate Placenta  Whitening Cream 16g

An original formula that can actually boost your skin’s own age defense to help keep you looking young and wrinkle free.  It hydrates instantly to soften skin and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Excessive use of skin peeling whitening agent can cause skin darkening and irritation.  SkinMate Placenta Cream restores back to normal and prevents further damage to skin caused by excessive use of such products.

During daytime SkinMate Placenta Cream, protects skin from damaging UV rays from the sun.  While at night, works as your rest in restoring skin to its normal blemish free and young looking .

Skinmate Placenta Cream is also proven effective in the treatment of acne and pimples.  It’s active vitamin system of B3, B6 and Vitamin C gradually whitens skin in less than 2 weeks of continuous use.

SkinMate Shark Oil for Facial Care and Whitens Underarm  15ml

SkinMate Shark Oil removes dead skin and blemishes, allowing new skin cells to dominate, making it smooth, whiter, radiant and young looking.

SkinMate Shark Oil is also proven effective to whiten underarm.

To avoid irritation, USE EVERY OTHER NIGHT.

Directions:  Dry face well before applying SkinMate Shark Oil using finger tips.  Never use cotton when applying products as it will irritate skin.

1 SkinMate Facial Toner with Squalene and Fruit Extracts 100ml each

So start now, then see yourself lighten to a fresh, new, healthy looking skin.

We believe in the goodness that nature provides.  We deep clean skin with nature’s own extracts and gradually whitens your skin color with Vitamin B3 formula while squalene oil moisturizes naturally.

To apply:  Apply with cotton balls on face and neck with light pressure.  You may possibly feel a slight tingling sensation as the product begins to work but would soon disappear.  Can be used as often as desired.

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Weight 249 g