ROSMAR Kagayaku Rejuvenating Set



ROSMAR Kagayaku Rejuvenating Set

Kiss pimples and hyperpigmentation goodbye with this powerful Rosmar Kagayaku Rejuvenating Kit. It includes five (5) products; as shown below, each of which contains robust ingredients to treat your skin.

What is Inside The Box?

  • 60ml Rejuvenating Toner
  • 10g Rejuvenating Night Cream
  • 10g Rejuvenating Brightening Sunscreen
  • 70g Kagayaku Whitening Soap
  • 70g Kojic Peeling Soap

Rosmar Kagayaku Rejuvenating Kit Benefits

  • 10x instant whitening.
  • Pimple and scar remover.
  • Evens out skin tone and texture.
  • Makes skin smooth and soft like a baby.
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

How to Use Rosmar Kagayaku Rejuvenating Kit

  • Wet your face using warm water.
  • Use the Whitening Soap in the morning and Kojic Peeling Soap at night.
  • Put enough amount of Rejuvenating Toner on a cotton pad. Then, spread evenly on face in an upward motion. Finally, leave it for 30-45 seconds to absorb. Apply it in the morning and and at night.
  • During the day, apply Rejuvenating Brightening Sunscreen evenly on face. Re-apply every 2 hours as long as you are exposed to sun.
  • At night, apply Rejuvenating Night Cream on face and leave it overnight.

Important Reminder

  • Do skin patch test before using the products.
  • Do not apply on damaged skin.

Storage Condition

  • Store in a clean and dry place at temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Avoid direct exposure to heat and sunlight.


Additional information

Weight 400 g