DOVE Dove Deodorant Dry Serum Collagen Intensive Renew Vitamin B3 50ml



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Dove Intensive Renew Deodorant Dry Serum absorbs quickly and contains serum ingredients that penetrate underarm skin 20 layers^ deep. Enriched with Collagen and Vitamin B3 concentrate, it is clinically proven to accelerate skin renewal and remove and prevent underarm dark marks for naturally beautiful, even-toned underarms.

^within epidermis


Dove understands that searching for an underarm product can will truly solve your concern can be tiring. Some deodorant might just work on the superficial, but few actually go deep to the root of the problem and give substantial, lasting results. That&rsquo,s why Dove developed the Intensive Renew Deodorant dry serum: a serum technology that not only dries instantly, but also a deodorant beyond all deodorant – It will go further than repairing your dark marks, but also intensely renews your skin like no other – the #UnderarmHolyGrail!


What are the benefits of Collagen boosters and Vitamin concentrates?

Collagen is known for many benefits as it promotes renewal of skin,

Vitamin B3: reduces dark marks formation,

VitaminE: reduces appearance of pores and scars,

Omega6: smoothens skin and keep them healthy.

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Deodorant Dry Serum is a new format of deodorant that dries instantly. It comes in a new tube with a dome head for easy application.

1. Squeeze the tube until a pea-sized amount comes out of the dome

2. Apply dome directly to underarms

3. Spread the product evenly on the underarms.

Use every day.


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Weight 99 g