Crystal Infinity Pekas or Melasma Set 10 in 1 Repair Toner and Creams


Melasma treatment without any invasive procedure.


2 pcs Freckles Melasma Pekas Remover Creams

1 pc Freckles Melasma Pekas Toner 60ml


Pekas (Freckles) or Melasma is a sign of Aging and Skin Damage due to chemical peeling agents and other cosmetics.

Melasma Pekas Remover Cream is a natural agent to remove your freckles. Melasma treatment without any invasive procedure. Its active ingredients such as lemon juice extract, honey extract, papaya extract, sour cream, onion leaves oil helps you renew and remove the discoloration of your face in a very natural way. Safe for Pregnant & Lactating Women.

Clinically tested and prescribed for people who suffers discoloration, melasma, dark spots, because of aging. It will help you have glowing and beautiful skin.

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Weight 249 g