5 pieces Bioderm Anti Fungal Anti Bacterial Ointment 50 grams each


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Used in the treatment of common skin disorders such as ringworms; eczema; blackheads; pimples; furunculosis; acne; white spots; skin itch; hand itch; barber’s itch; insect bites; boils; athlete’s foot; dhobie itch; mange; Hong Kong foot; itching dandruff; prickly heat and other skin irritations.

Wash affected areas with soap and warm water. Dry gently but thoroughly. Apply liberally morning and night. If symptoms persist; consult a doctor.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.
Special precaution: Pregnancy and Lactation. Elderly.
Side effects: blurred vision; irritation; redness


Each 100 g contains 12.90 g of Zinc Oxide; 4.5 g of Benzoic Acid; 3.4 g Sulfur; and 1.87 g of Salicylic Acid.


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