5 Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Papaya Intense Whitening Soap 90g each


Blemish Removal, Smoothening, Intense Whitening Gentle Exfoliation.

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5 Maxi Peel  Exfoliant Soap with Papaya Enzymes 90g each

Blemish Removal, Smoothening, Intense Whitening Gentle Exfoliation

This soap has Gentle Micro-Exfoliation technology that gently removes dead skin cells without visible peeling.  The combination of Maxi-peel’s potent exfoliating property and natural Papain enzymes now makes it even better to reveal clearer and whiter skin in as fast as 5 days!

Exfoliation Benefits:

  • Blemish-Removal:  Helps dry up pimples and other blemishes and prevents them from coming back.
  • Smoothening:  Has orange micro-beads that stimulate skin renewal and gently massage your skin to remove dead skin cells.
  • Intense Whitening:  Whitens the skin in as early as 5 days, and prevents skin darkening!
  • Vitamin-Enriched:  Has vitamins c and E for a healthier glow.

Dermatologist-tested safe and effective.

For BLEMISH FREE, SMOOTHER ,  and WHITER  Kutis Artista (Celebrity Skin) all over!!!

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