4 Medicated Astringent Toner 4 ACNE Cream (BCP)


Bring out younger smoother and pinkish glow on the skin.



4 ACNE Cream

DERMATOLOGIST STRENGTH – REALLY EFFECTIVE Made by BCP Stalder (This is Strength Level 2 (MODERATE), 4 pieces Medicated Astringent #2  60ml X 4ml  240 ml TOTAL

It has a Vitamin A that helps exfoliate Dead Skin. A Very Good Skin Toner in Eradicating Traces of Pimples / acne and other Blemishes, Dark Spots. Minimizes and Reduces Skin Pores . Bring out younger smoother and pinkish glow on the skin. Directions: After washing face in the evening, apply toner with a cotton ball on face.

Always use a good Sunblock in the morning.

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Weight 699 g