3 Magnesium Therapy Oil with Black Cumin Oil 100ml each


activates the healing process of our body to recover from diseases.


3 Magnesium Therapy Oil 100ml each

Magnesium Therapy Oil with Bio Active Ingredients such as Black Cumin, Argan Oil, Nitric Oxide, Peppermint Oil, and VCO is an All Mineral in a bottle.

This is a TRANSDERMAL MINERAL Supplement better than ORAL Supplementation that actives the natural healing process of our body to recover from diseases.

When you apply this in your skin it absorbs directly on your body streams and cells will use immediately, that’s why the effects is Tremendous!

Magnesium is one of the most important mineral needed by the body which is responsible to almost 300 bio-chemical reactions. This includes control of blood sugar, blood pressure, nerve control, muscle relaxation, heart rhythm, immune system restoration, skin rejuvenation and bone healing.


Just apply on your skin the magnesium oil daily and feel the power!



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Weight 499 g