3 Different SkinWhite Powerwhitening, Papaya, Classic Lightening Lotions 100ml each


3 Different Skinwhite whitening lotions for your skin needs.


3 Different Lotions

1 SkinWhite Classic Whitening Lotion LIGHT Feel Technology SPF 10 100ml

There’s a light side to being white!

SkinWhite Classic Lotion is now infused with the NEW LIGHT-FEEL Technology (LFT).  It helps make skin visibly lighter and smoother – but WITHOUT the sticky, icky feeling!

Now you won’t just look lighter, but you will feel lighter too!

So go ahead, say goodbye to that sticky after feel!  Our new improved LIGHT Formula is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves it with a cooling sensation, making sure your skin is conditioned and made visibly fairer, the light way.

And we didn’t just stop there.  Our lotion is also packed with Vitanourish Formula (Vitamins B3, B5, B6 C and E) that moisturizes and softens the skin, and SPF 10 that helps protect against harmful rays from the sun.

Now you’re on your way towards a brighter you!  Experience Light looking, Light feeling skin in just 2 weeks with the NEW SkinWhite Classic Lotion with Light Feel Technology.

Directions for use:  Use twice daily all over your hands and body.  Re apply as needed.  For best results, use with SkinWhite Classic Soaps

1 SkinWhite Naturals Whitening Lotion Papaya Milk SPF 10 100ml

Did you know that there’s a natural way to get whiter?  And you’re holding it right now!

Introducing SkinWhite Naturals Papaya Milk Lotion!  We’ve combined the natural power of papaya to whiten skin and the goodness of milk to moisturize – for that noticeably whiter and healthier skin in as fast as 7 days!

SkinWhite Naturals Papaya Milk Lotion also has SPF 10 that helps keep your skin protected and healthy against the dangers of sun exposure.  So get ready to be amazed with how easy it is to get whiter, healthier skin, naturally!

Directions:  Simply apply twice daily all over your hands and body.  Re apply as needed.  But for best results, use SkinWhite papaya soaps.

1 SkinWhite Powerwhitening Whitening Lotion Instant White Formula SPF 20 100ml

You have the power to get whiter in an instant!  Like right now, right this minute, right whenever you want it.  They call it instant white.  We call it amazing!

Introducing SkinWhite Powerwhitening Lotion with its unique InstantWhite Formula that whitens your skin upon application.

The SkinWhite Powerwhitening line uses an exclusive Advanced Tripower Technology.  It safely attacks the three stages of melanin production and helps achieve your whitest white skin with continuous use.

Here’s how it works:

Helps suppress excessive melanin production.
Prevents the resurfacing of dark pigmentation.
Screens the harmful UV rays from entering your skin.

That’s the power you’ve got in your hands right now.  That’s the power of instant white.  Try it to believe it!

Directions:  Use twice daily all over your hands and body.  If needed, reapply.  But for best results, use with SkinWhite PowerWhitening soaps.

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