2 Kojie San Cleanser Toner Dual Whitening Kojic Acid Cream


Helps rid the skin of excessive oil, prevents wrinkles, reduces blemishes, and repairs dry damage skin.


You will get:

1 Kojie San Cleanser Toner 100ml

1 Kojie San Kojic Acid Whitening Cream 30g

1 Kojie San Skin Lightening Cleanser plus Toner Dual Action 100ml 

With Hydromoist for a lighter softer skin

A dual action formula that leaves skin clean and hydrated.

Cleanses skin from deep seated dirt and impurities

Boosts hydration to help protect the skin from loss of moisture

Helps promote skin renewal by eliminating dry, uneven rough skin.

Zero Pigment Light Technology

A unique skin lightening delivery system that effectively bonds the potent active ingredient to ensure that it is absorbed by and activated in your skin and areas where it is most needed.  This powerful mode of action zeroes in on dark spots, age spots, scars, melasma and hyperpigmentation giving you a lighter even skin tone.

Suitable for all skin types.

For best results, use twice a day.

Dermatologically Tested.  Hypoallergenic.  Paraben Free.

How to use:  Apply after cleansing skin.  Moisten a cotton pad with toner, apply in an upward strokes over the face and neck avoiding the eye area.

Kojie san KOJIC ACID Face Lightening Facial Cream 30 grams

Kojie.san Face Lightening Cream is a light and non-greasy blend of natural plant extracts and Kojic Acid, which is known for its excellent whitening effect.


Lightens skin and reduces dark spots.

Prevents the formation of new dark spots.

Reduces skin blemishes

Restores skin suppleness

Moisturizes skin

Brings out healthy, rosy skin.

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Weight 249 g