4 Giga Massage Rub Peppermint Ginger Cream VCO Base


Good for back aches, headaches and joint pains.


4 Giga Massage Rub Cream Virgin Coconut Oil Base Peppermint-Ginger 10g each

It contains ginger and peppermint in a base of virgin coconut oil (VCO).  The natural ingredients are easily 

absorbed into the skin making it more effective.  Peppermint and ginger are both good for headaches, migraine, nausea, 

dizziness and stomach spasms.

Ginger promotes blood circulation and has very strong anti inflammatory properties.  This makes it very effective 

for joint pains and muscle pains.

Giga Massage Rub Cream

Good for back aches, headaches and joint pains.

Directions:  Massage on intended areas.

Ingredients:  Virgin Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Peppermint oil, Mentha Arvensis, Ginger Oil and BHT.

Caution:  Not to be ingested.


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Weight 249 g