12 GlutaMax Men Face and Body Glutathione Whitening Bar Soaps


Whitens, Exfoliates, Revitalizes


12 GlutaMax Men Face and Body Bar Natural Fiber Exfoliator 135g each

Glutathione + Vitamin C + Collagen

Whitens, Exfoliates, Revitalizes

A premium whitening product specially formulated by the experts for the unique skin care needs of today’s man.  With regular use, Glutamax Men Whitening Face and Body Soap provides safe and effective whitening with the combined action of Glutathione, Tyrosine, Arbutin, Vitamin C and plant extracts.  This product also promotes an even skin tone with the help of natural exfoliators.  It contains enhanced levels of collagen that helps reduce wrinkles and minimize the unsightly appearance of scars and blemishes.

Directions:  Apply to wet skin and lather for at least 3 minutes.  Rinse well, then pat dry with a clean towel.  Store in a soap dish with cover.  Use with other Glutamax Men products for best results.

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Weight 1999 g