1 piece BIG 4 in 1 Bleaching Creams 500g



1  BIG jar of 4 in 1 Bleaching Whitening Lightening Cream 500g


– Whitens, Anti Aging

– Helps even out Skin Tone

– Lightens Dark Elbows, Knees, Underarms, Light Scars etc.

– Really Improves Facial Skin

– Can be also used in the Face and all over your Body,

Use twice daily if using in your Underarms

(You Must Use an Effective Sun Block while using this Cream on your face)

Use Sunblock Cream before Sun Exposure

Please use SUNBLOCK with Effective SPF .

Even if not exposed to the Sun, Sunblock is needed for Faster Results

and prevents damaging skin.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Skin Whitening / Bleaching Creams

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Weight 698 g