8 pcs Set UNDERARM PEELING Whitening Set BCP Stalder
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The Same Formula That Dermatologist's Clinics Use To

Whiten and Smoothen Underarm Skin at a Very Affordable Price

This is the Effective Underarm Whitening-Peeling Kit that
Dermatologists Recommend and Sell here in the Philippines
Peel That Dark Underarm Skin Safely and Gently.
Whitens Underarm Effectively
All Our Products are Dermatologist Prescribed
And Dermatologist Aprroved Ingredients
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8 pieces Set

You will be getting the following:

Bleaching cream 10g – contains arbutin, a whitening agent, lactic acid, a moisturizing agent,    vigna acontifolia seed extract for antiwrinkle, ethylhexyl  methoxycinnamte, a sunscreen agent

Aluminum Chloride 5-10% - contains aluminium chrohydrate, for the treatment of excessive sweating or abnormal sweating for underarms.

2 Green Peeling Oil – contains glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, salicylic acid, citric acid.

For skin peeling for body and face.

Hydrocortisone Cream 10g – good for itchiness during the peeling process.



1. Clean underarms with mild soap, apply green peeling oil by using a cotton swab and apply thinly over your underarms 3 times with a 15 minute interval. No need to rinse.

      You will apply green peeling oil for 3 DAYS only. Apply Hydrocortisone cream when there is peeling and itchiness.

2. On the third day, use a cotton ball and apply Aluminum Chloride after bathing in the morning. Apply bleaching cream during night time.


Avoid plucking and shaving underarms while on treatment.

Do not apply anything on broken skin.




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8 pcs Set UNDERARM PEELING Whitening Set BCP Stalder

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