6 Johnson's Baby Powder in Different Scents 50g each
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You will be getting 6 different kinds of Johnson’s Baby Powder


Johnson’s Baby Powder Prickly Heat 50g – formulated to
protect your baby's delicate skin. It is enriched with special ingredients that soothe the skin and helps prevent the rash from coming back.


Johnson’s Bedtime Powder 50g – enriched with naturalcalm,a proprietary blend of soothing aromas and delicate essence of Jasmine
Blossoms. It helps keep your baby's skin soft, smooth and comfortably dry.


Johnson’s BabyPowder Nourishing with Milk 50g – Helps give you soft and smooth skin. With Vit A and E


  • Now enriched with Milk Protein and Vitamins A and E. With double nourishment, leaving skin soft and smooth.
  • Clinically proven mild to gently care for baby’s kin.


Johnson’s Baby Powder Cooling 50g – Cools and refreshes with Honeysuckle and a cooling ingredient.


  • Has a special mild formula made with the natural essence of Honeysuckle and a cooling ingredient. It absorbs wellness and cools down skin to make baby feel cool and refreshed.


Johnson’s Baby Powder Pink Blossoms 50g – Long lasting fragrance.


  • Using technology to create a unique blend of floral scents, it has a new long lasting fragrance that stays on skin. Leaves you and baby smelling fresh and fragrant longer than ever.


Johnson’s Baby Powder “Classic” 50g – Made of fine talc,
so skin feels silky smooth, fresh and cool. With a fragrance of freshness
everybody loves.



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6 Johnson's Baby Powder in Different Scents 50g each

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