6 Derm Option Arbutin Whitening Astringent #1
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Derm Option Whitening Arbutin Astringent  #1 60ml x 6 = 360ml

For  mild skin whitening or lightening with astringent properties such as cleansing, toning and pimple treatment.

Contents:  Water, alcohol, propylene glycol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, glycerine, vigna aconitifolia seed extract, sodium citrate, arbutin, epilobium angustifolium extract extract, tocopheryl acetate, CI 47005

Directions:  Using cotton ball, apply on face and neck concentrating on dark areas before bedtime.  Use sunblock cream before sun exposure.


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6 Derm Option Arbutin Whitening Astringent #1

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