6 Cherifer Syrup with CGF Growth and Height Vitamins for Kids
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6 Cherifer Syrup with Taurine & CGF (Chlorella Growth
Factor) with Vitamins A, B Complex & Lysine Food Supplement 120 ml each

Cherifer Syrup with Taurine & CGF is a lemon flavored vitamin preparation with Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF),  Lysine HCI and Taurine.

Cherifer is a health supplement to support growth and development of active children.

All of these benefits in a once a day convenient dose.

Recommended use: 

2-6 years old:  2.5ml
to 5ml (1/2 to 1 tsp) once a day

6-12 years:  5ml to
10ml (1 to 2 tsps) once a day

Or as recommended by a health professional.  Shake well. Contains insoluble protein particles.


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6 Cherifer Syrup with CGF Growth and Height Vitamins for Kids

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