4 Fairywhite Lightening Soap Rosehip Oil and Pearl Powder
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6 Susie’s Fairywhite Lightening and Moisturizing Soap with
Pearl Powder and Rosehip Oil 90g each

Glow with soft, silky and younger looking skin.

A very remarkable experience that you will enjoy the feeling
of fresh, fair, glowing and super silky skin.  The ability of moisturizing lotion in one soap bar only with Fairwhite soap.  It contains Pearl Powder that is
formulated to cleanse and lighten the skin without taking away the body’s
natural protective oils.  Combined with Rosehip Oil that highly moisturizes and soften your skin to keep it fair, young and beautiful.

Your silky skin you’ll love to touch.  Try it and have a great experience.

Directions:  Gently lather the soap on face and body for at least 3 minutes before rinsing.  Use twice daily (morning and evening) to keep skin clear, smooth and protected.

Vegetable soap base, tetrasodium etidronate, titatnium dioxide, rosehip
oil, pearl powder, beta glucan, kinetin, sodium lactate, de ionized water,

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4 Fairywhite Lightening Soap Rosehip Oil and Pearl Powder

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