4 Diana Stalder DUAL ACTION Toner Lightens Dark Spots
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4 bottles Diana Stalder DUAL ACTION Skin Toner

NEW PACKAGING - BIGGER SIZE -  Previously Skin Toner

100ml each = 400ml total


A cleansing toner that rejuvenates tired and mature skin.  It contains arbutin which gradually lightens and reduces unwanted pigmentation for younger and renewed skin.

Size: 100ml X 4 pieces = 400 ml Total

Directions: Apply sparingly on the face and neck using cotton balls and rub lightly with uniform upward strokes. Use sunblock cream or gel before going outdoors.

A product of BCP Dermatological Corporation

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  • Manufacturer: Diana Stalder
  • Condition: New
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4 Diana Stalder DUAL ACTION Toner Lightens Dark Spots

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