3 Kojie San Kontur Cellulite Control Lotion 150g each
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3 Kojie San Kontur Cellulite Control Crème 150g each

With PhytoFirm LCA Cellucare Formula.  Visibly reduces cellulite and stubborn curves.

New Kontur cellulite control crème which dramatically reduces the appearance of cellulites and unwanted curves. Kontur cellulite control crème prevents the accumulation of fats and water trapped just below the skin.

Finally!  A revolutionary scientific breakthrough for controlling excess water to give skin a firmer, smoother appearance. Kontur with Phytofirm LCA promotes the oxidation of fat and plays an important  role in the conversion of stored fats to energy.  Phytofirm LCA and Algae Extract have a complimentary effect by improving  skin texture and increasing skin softness, firmness and smoothness.

Application:  After shower or bath,  apply to dry skin on thighs, hips, legs, arms, stomach, etc.  Massage for a few minutes with circular movements, until cream completely absorbs into skin. 
Recommended use of this product is TWICE daily (morning and bedtime)  To help increase your results,
combine our product with a healthy lifestyle consisting of exercise and proper nutrition avoiding high fat foods and sweets.

Warning:  Never massage the abdomen when you are pregnant, have a varicose veins, marks or capillaries. NO STRONG MASSAGE.



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3 Kojie San Kontur Cellulite Control Lotion 150g each

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