3 Gemli Glutathione L Glutathione Whitening Collagen Lotion
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3 Gemli L-Glutathione with Hydrolyzed Collagen Skin
whitening Lotion with SPF 25 with Vitamin C and E Rejuvenating, Whitening, Moisturizing and Anti Bacteria (260ml) each


L-Glutahione, Hydrolized Collagen, Vitamin C,
Vitamin E, Milk Protein, Mineral Oil & Mallow Extract


Apply on skin 15 minutes before going out in
the morning especially to those body parts exposed to the sun.. Repeat
application in the evening: leave lotion on the skin for the entire night.

Get that soft and flawless skin with this creamy smooth lotion. Enriched with anti-oxidant L-glutathione,  Vitamin C, this unique formula naturally whitens, moisturize for younger looking skin without that greasy feeling. Helps prevent skin darkening with its SPF 25.

  • · Improves skin moisture generating ability
  • · Increase skin elasticity
  • · Whitens skin
  • · Non greasy feel
  • · Balances PH value
  • · Increase cell metabolism
  • · With 25 Spf sun blocking effect

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3 Gemli Glutathione L Glutathione Whitening Collagen Lotion

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