3 Derm Options 4 in 1 Bleaching Creams 500g each
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3 jars of 4 in 1 Bleaching Whitening Lightening Cream 500g each Total of 1.5 kilograms


- Whitens, Anti Aging

- Helps even out Skin Tone

- Lightens Dark Elbows, Knees, Underarms, Light Scars etc.

- Really Improves Facial Skin

- Can be also used in the Face and all over your Body,

Use twice daily if using in your Underarms

(You Must Use an Effective Sun Block while using this Cream on your face)



GUARANTEED Authentic, Original Product Manufactured by Stalder Laboratories Inc. BCP Stalder Supplies Dermatologists and Facial Salons here.


The Same creams SOLD at BELO Clinics and Other Dermatologist Clinics Here



Also Evens Skin Tone and Moisturizes Skin


HAVE A "KUTIS ARTISTA" (Celebrity Skin)


Use Sunblock Cream before Sun Exposure

Please use SUNBLOCK with Effective SPF .

Even if not exposed to the Sun, Sunblock is needed for Faster Results

and prevents damaging skin.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Skin Whitening / Bleaching Creams


Distributed by BCP Stalder, Manufactured by STALDER Laboratories Inc,

maker of Diana Stalder products. Products are the same products used in Salons,

Facial Care Centers, and Dermatolgist’s Clinics.


The Same Expensive Whitening Soaps and creams being SOLD at BELO Clinics,

CALAYAN Clinics, Salons, Facial Care Center and other Dermatologists Clinics here.




We are AUTHORIZED SELLER of Diana Stalder products and other



We also have Matching Bleaching Cream, Astringent Kojic Soap, Papaya Soap,

Transparent Glycerine, Sulfur Soap, Black Soap, Acne Soap, Collagen Soap, Tar Soap, Licorice Soap, Tea Tree Soap, Glycolic Soap, etc. Please see our ebay store and search for Stalder


About the Company

Stalder Laboratories Inc., a Filipino-Swiss owned company who started as a business entrepreneur in the line of dermatological beauty products and able to gain the trust and confidence of its clients especially the well known dermatologists, surgeons and general practicioners, doctors to local celebrities here in the Philippines. The Company adheres to always ensure client and consumer satisfaction. It is committed to its policy to BUILT-IN the QUALITY into the products manufactured in accordance with the current good manufacturing practices. Licensed by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) as a contract manufacturer of cosmetics and topical drug products, the company was established in July 1999.


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3 Derm Options 4 in 1 Bleaching Creams 500g each

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