3 Boxes Healthy Pinoy Guyabano Malunggay Iced Tea Juice
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3 Healthy Pinoy Guyabano Iced Tea with Malunggay Philippine
Herbal Tea 10 sachets

Healthy Pinoy is a functional wellness product with an advocacy that healthy does not need to be tasteless and expensive.

Healthy Pinoy uses the best ingredients that the Philippines has to offer by sourcing from different farmers around the country, especially from the small and medium enterprises in order to help build their livelihood and at the same time promoting all natural Filipino ingredients.  What makes the brand special and close to the hearts of every Filipino?  Because it is 100% Pinoy made.

Healthy Pinoy brings you an array of favorite Filipino snacks, delicacies and beverages that everyone loves and will love once they try it.

Preparation:  Empty contents in a 200ml glass if ice cold water and stir well.

dextrose, citric acid, guyabano spray dried powder, tricalcium phosphate, tea powder, malunggay spray dried powder, xantham gum, sodium citrate, caramel color powder, sucralose.

Sedimentation and pulp bits may be evident due to natural herb.


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3 Boxes Healthy Pinoy Guyabano Malunggay Iced Tea Juice

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