3 Biguerlai Senna Laxative Slimming Tea 80g each
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3 Biguerlai Senna Fruits and Senna Leaves Laxative Tea 80g each



Used to treat constipation and for bowel evacuation.  Will reduce surplus fats and lose extra body fluid, thus frequent use will keep you fit and healthy.



Each 100 g contains

Senna Fruits  75g

Senna Leaves  25g


Expiration Date: 1-2 years.

BFAD #DR-XY 27091 (government approved)


Dosage: Only 1 cup a day can be taken anytime of the day.  Bowel movement will start 6 to 8 hours after drinking.  


Directions: Place 2 grams of Senna into a 6oz, cup of lukewarm water & steep for about 20 minutes only, to get the best result.  Dispose of leaves afterward.  



Should not be given to patients with intestinal obstruction or with undiagnosed abdominal symptoms, care should also be taken in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. Over dosage can result in diarrhea with excessive loss of water and electrolytes particularly potassium.

Store at temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. 

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3 Biguerlai Senna Laxative Slimming Tea 80g each

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