20 Gluta White & Firm Glutathione Whitening Claire Blanche Soap
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20 pieces

Gluta White and Firm Soap Whitens Skin in 2 Weeks net wt.

90 grams x 20 pieces = 1800g Total

A revolutionary product, known for its unique blend of skin whitening and body sculpting properties, GlutaWhite & Firm Soap has redefined the entire shape of what body care can be.  Developed with the combined benefits of Glutathione, L-Carnitine, Lipofirm and Claire Blanche.  GlutaWhite and Firm Soap visibly lightens skin tone and progressively retexturizes skin for a fairer, firmer, well-toned look.  Infused with Claire Blanche, a unique fusion of 7 active ingredients known to inhibit melanin formation, GlutaWhite & Firm Soap whitens skin in 2 weeks while preventing the development of freckles and age spot.

Directions for use:  Work up a lather and massage on wet skin, concentrating on areas prone to darkening or loss of firmness.  Rinse thoroughly. 



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20 Gluta White & Firm Glutathione Whitening Claire Blanche Soap

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